Chinese Dessert Recipes

Chinese Rice Cakes (Fatt Koh)

Homemade steamed Chinese Rice Cakes as featured in our Chinese dessert recipes or otherwise known as Fatt Koh are cupcake-sized sponge cakes usually sold in morning markets in Malaysia.

These cakes are also a must-have Chinese traditional food during Chinese New Year and also served as prayer offerings. Some folks call these Chinese desserts smiling cakes as the top of the cakes will break into a fluffy cross when cooked. The trick is to ensure sufficient high heat in order for the cake to 'smile'.


160 g			        	Cold Cooked Rice
1/2 piece				Yeast Biscuit (Chow Peang)
1 tbsp				Castor Sugar
450 g			        	Rice Flour
600 ml				Water
300 g			        	Castor Sugar
2 sachets		        	Eno Salt			


Mix together yeast biscuit, cooked rice and castor sugar, cover in a tight container. Leave aside for 2 days. Meanwhile, combine rice flour with water and leave aside for 10 hours.

Now mix both yeast mixture and rice flour mixture well. Leave aside for 10 hours.

Add castor sugar, keep stirring until sugar is completely dissolved. Strain the mixture and add Eno salt. Stir again until well-blended.

Pour mixture 3/4 full into paper-lined cupcake tins. Steam over rapidly boiling water for 15 - 20 minutes. Serve when cakes have cooled.


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