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Malaysian Cake (Ma Lai Koh)

Malaysian Cake or Ma Lai Koh is one of the dessert recipes which is steamed and very easy to make. These are traditional Malaysian Chinese dessert recipes which are enjoyed by all races especially the Chinese folks who have come up with their own variations.

I usually make these Chinese traditional food snacks for afternoon tea for my family or for friends gathering. My Malaysian sponge cakes are usually devoured in minutes! They are that good!

These Chinese desserts are made using high protein flour and custard powder and flavored with dark soya sauce which explains the coffee brown colour of the Ma Lai Koh. It has a moist and smooth texture and is best served in muffin cups. Should you want lemon-coloured Ma Lai Koh, you can skip the dark soya sauce, of course.


120 g			        	High Protein Flour
90 g			        	Plain Flour
1 tbsp				Custard Powder
2 tsp			        	Baking Powder
150g			        	Castor Sugar
120 g			        	Softened Butter
2			        	Medium Eggs
180 ml				Evaporated Full-Cream Milk
1 tsp			        	Vanilla Essence
2 tsp			        	Dark Soya Sauce; thick type


Sift together high protein flour, plain flour, custard powder and baking powder. Leave aside first.

Whisk eggs with castor sugar until light and fluffy. Add softened butter. Stir in gradually sifted flour, alternating with milk. Keep stirring until well-blended. Add vanilla essence and dark soya sauce.

Scoop batter into small muffin cups.

Let water in steamer boil rapidly for 3 minutes. Put filled cups into steamer and lower heat slightly. Steam for about 25 to 30 minutes or until cakes have risen. Turn off heat immediately and lift up the cover quickly to prevent water from the cover to drip onto the cakes.


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