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Peanut Pancakes (Dai Kau Min) 大塊面
aka Man Jian Kueh 慢煎糕

Peanut Pancakes (Dai Kau Min) that is featured in our Chinese dessert recipes are pan fried Chinese desserts pancakes which you can find sold in morning markets and night markets (pasar malam) in Malaysia. These pancakes are also known as Man Jian Kueh 慢煎糕 to the Hokkien (a major dialect) Chinese and are sweet street desserts easily avaiable at morning and night markets and even in the afternoons where you will find motor-cart stalls selling them by the streets.

Man Jian Kueh 慢煎糕 stall at local night market

These Asian desserts pan-fried pancakes are sprinkled generously with chopped peanuts and sugar. Certain stalls will have variants with added dessicated coconut and/or sweet corn kernels. Most folks love to eat them ready hot as they walk the markets.


150 g			        	Self Raising Flour
1/2 tsp				Soda Bicarbonate
15 g			        	Castor Sugar
1/2 tsp				Salt
1			        	Large Egg; lightly beaten
200 ml				Fresh Milk
30 g			         	Melted Butter
1 tsp			        	Alkaline Water (kan sui)
1 cup			        	Coarsely Chopped Peanuts
1/2 cup				Fine Granulated Sugar


Sift self-raising flour with soda bicarbonate. Add in sugar and salt. Stir in milk, melted butter and beaten eggs. Keep stirring until the batter has no more flour lumps. Add in alkaline water. Allow batter to rest for 20 minutes before cooking.

Grease pan with oil. Keep fire low. Spoon enough batter to cover base of the pan. You can also swirl the pan so that the batter is evenly distributed and not too thick at the center. Once the center begins to cook, sprinkle the center generously with chopped peanuts, followed by sugar. Continue to cook until the edges of the pancake are golden and crisp. Fold pancake into half and transfer onto a plate. Serve hot.


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